(resolved) Re: Failed Make after git pull

Aaron E. ssureshot at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 14:41:24 MST 2012

My bad for not posting the configure, that was kinda second nature after 
cleaning up ..

On 02/01/2012 04:30 PM, Günter Kukkukk wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 February 2012 20:54:19 Volker Lendecke wrote:
>> On Wed, Feb 01, 2012 at 02:46:53PM -0500, Aaron E. wrote:
>>> Shout out to kukks..
>>> He recommended I run make clean, git clean -x -f -f -d and I then had to
>>> recompile prior to make but same result just longer process..
>> Re-run configure.
>> Volker
> My IRC post was:
> [19:35:08]<kukks>  ssureshot: i just did a git pull,  then  make clean, git clean -x -f -f -d, rm -R bin (as root), configure.developer
> and make (sometimes i need all these steps to start fresh...)
> My build on opensuse 11.4 just finished fine.
> ....
> Cheers, Günter

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