S4 Probs..

Collen cblijenberg at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Feb 1 08:51:39 MST 2012

ok, i'm getting there (not yet)

after removing ldblibs and pyldb (with corresponding devel libs)
the ldbsearch works again.
seems that fc16 installed his own version, and screwed up my s4 build.

but i'm back at wbinfo crashing (wbinfo -u) with 900+ users

if i use the the samba-tool to list my users, i don't get the id numbers
but i'm more concerned about wbinfo.

the search continues... (-:

anyway, thanx for putting me on the right track again..

cheers, Collen

On 27-1-2012 9:59, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Mon, 2012-01-23 at 14:03 +0100, Collen wrote:
>> Hi, sorry for the slow response.
>> well i (sort off) got it to work.
>> it turned out that fedora 16 had some old libs
>> (tevent 0.9.13, talloc 2.0.6 and ldb)
>> i had to use the libs from fc17(rawhide) to overcome the problems
>> after that the talloc magic value error was gone, and samba4
>> workt with more that 1000 users again. no more wbinfo probs.
>> but......
>> pdbedit -L gives me several users with the same number (just a few)
>> '4294967295' (the user add is done with net user add .....)
> pdbedit is not the best way to view the Samba4 DB.  It should work, but
> it is rather untested, using our new passdb module for the s3
> utilities.
>> -----
>> astridk:3351:
>> llbornfleu:3353:
>> llmnatmari:3354:
>> sophie:3356:
>> lljansdouw:3359:
>> Administrator:4294967295:
>> bb:4294967295:
>> collen:4294967295:
>> daanr:4294967295:
>> dns-fairlight:4294967295:
>> FAIRLIGHT$:4294967295:
>> jamila:4294967295:
>> krbtgt:4294967295:
>> leon:4294967295:
>> llwillmeEnd:4294967295:
>> remco:4294967295:
>> sven:4294967295:
>> nobody:99:Nobody
>> -----
>> second, the ldbsearch error is still there, nagging about
>> if i add --modules-path to ./ldbsearch ->  finds module samba_dsdb
>> but gives errors like: invalid ELF header, and core dumps...
> That isn't good.  Where did you get your ldbsearch from?
> It might be that we do not operate correctly if you build/install ldb as
> a separate package - let us know if removing it from your system, and
> then allowing Samba4 to build it internally helps.
> Also, if it gets an invalid ELF header error, perhaps it is trying to
> load a non-module thing as a module (it scans a directory on startup).
> Andrew Bartlett

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