SWAT2 some steps to get it working

Matthias Jahn jahn.matthias at freenet.de
Sun Dec 30 14:53:08 MST 2012


recently i did some tests with SWAT2 and SAMBA (git master).
To get it running with ubuntu 12.4 i did:

apt-get install python-pylons python-yaml python-repoze.who-plugins python-repoze.who python-paste python-pam python-authkit libjs-mootools 
(the deeps from Jelmer Vernooij's debian package)

2. apply the attached patch

3. in a shell:  export PYTHONPATH=[PATH to SAMBA4]/lib/python2.7/  
for me "export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/samba/lib/python2.7/site-packages"

4. in your swat2 git checkout:
paster serve development.ini

5. now you could connect to swat2:

I was not able yet to start swat2 from samba (server services = +web)


Matthias Jahn

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