Samba 4 and dhcp

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Sat Dec 29 07:45:15 MST 2012

>>> With the internal server, you get nothing.
>> That's certainly not correct if you pick the correct log level.
> I was talking about the standard log level i.e. log level not set in
> smb.conf

On log level 0, only pretty catastrophic things should be logged,
otherwise the log would be quite large in seconds. I had a bunch of
logging output at log level 1 (which is what make test runs at), and
people bumped that up to even higher levels to get rid of the noise.

>> However, I'm myself a bit confused at what log level to pick for what
>> level of output I want to log. And of course if you just use the
>> catch-all level 10, you do get a lot of stuff apart from the DNS server,
>> which makes it hard to spot the correct output.
> er, if you are confused what log level to pick, someone who helped to
> write Samba, what hope do I have as just a mere user ;-)
> Also saying that you do get a lot of stuff is a slight understatement.

I'm interested in your proposed solution. How do I get more relevant
debugging info to the average user while not printing non-relevant info,
when the average user is interested in different output every time?

>> Arguably even the log output given by the internal server isn't as
>> detailed as the log output in bind.
> No argument, using the standard log level gives you nothing from the
> internal DNS server, whilst bind is pretty vocal.

BIND is sort of a one-trick pony. It's pretty safe to assume that
everybody who runs BIND cares about DNS and would like to see DNS stuff
in the logs. I don't see the same happening for samba.


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