Starting on a Samba 4.0 'complete' debian package

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Wed Dec 19 15:03:26 MST 2012

On Wed, 2012-12-19 at 07:59 +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Andrew Bartlett (abartlet at
> > As far as I'm aware, no other debian package of the complete Samba 4.0.0
> > release exists (if it does, I'll be be glad to know about it!). 
> Well, more or less, my own intent was to start working on this for
> Debian jessie. 
> What actually makes my life difficult for this is.....that I have no
> more idea of the place where jelmer is storing his work. Jelmer, is
> that
> (another thing that seem to make my life difficult is that my
> involvment in Debian seems to be shrinking nowadays, because real life
> and other hobbies are taking precedence)
> I'm afraid that the use of bzr by Jelmer makes a quite big step for me
> to deal with. Despite Steve langasek and Jelmer's numerous attempts to
> convince me that This Is Good For Us....I'm still a moron about all
> this. I can now manage to to my own packaging work in git for some of
> my packages, but I'm still using SVN for samba packaging.
> Still, my own projects for 2013 involve a participation to SambaXP
> (assuming my company is still OK to pay for this....) and have some
> merging work there on the way to a "samba" package for Debian that
> would be of course samba 4.x.y *and* provide a smooth upgrade path
> from samba 3.6 which we have in wheezy.
> That seems to be a distant date in the future, but it's not that far
> away and it would be good to gathe rtogetther all people who
> conttribute to Debian packages of samba, there (/you, Jelmer, Ivo de
> Decker, /me, Steve(?), Luk random order).
> > As I figure others might be interested in a combined package, I'm hoping
> > that someone might like to work with me to get this working, so we can
> > point Samba users at a complete build of the official release. 
> We have 3 things to merge:
> - Jelmer's work (probably in bzr somewhere)
That's in git @ git://

> - your work ( in git)
That's basically the merge of my work, a verbatim copy of the samba3
packages and the delta in those since 4.0

> - the current samba3 packaging and its giant history (in
> SVN...including branches for various backports)
I started working on converting this to Git but it's not quite done yet
- the main thing missing is importing all the pristine tar files into
the git repository.

The current work in progress can be found at 

As I mentioned to Andrew earlier, I think before we worry about merging
packages we need to:

 * Finish the migration of the pkg-samba svn repository for the samba3
   packages to git
 * Plan the new package names (i.e. we shouldn't just end up with the
   superset of the samba and samba4 binary packages but ideally a
   smaller set), and what packages need to become dummy packages and
   what those should depend on
 * Plan the upgrade, in terms of what happens to older Samba 3 installs,
   what (if anything) will take care of starting smbd/nmbd, handle the
   transition of settings between samba4-common-bin and
samba-common, ...



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