Starting on a Samba 4.0 'complete' debian package

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Dec 18 14:32:54 MST 2012

Just a heads-up in case anyone is interested, particularly anybody
skilled in debian and debian packaging (I'm not :-).

What I've done is, based on Jelmer's samba4 package in experimental the
samba (currently 3.x) package, and netgear's combined package, is to
create a combined package containing the AD DC and the file server, as a
single build.  In particular, compared with the existing samba4
packages, this will allow users to run the smbd file server, rather than
being forced to run ntvfs, and doesn't mix other components with the 3.x

As far as I'm aware, no other debian package of the complete Samba 4.0.0
release exists (if it does, I'll be be glad to know about it!). 

I've got it building, with some small issues remaining at the
post-install configure step.  

git://  debian-experimental;a=summary

Be warned, the revision history is currently a complete disaster - I
intend to squash it all into a single commit and some proper changelogs
once I get it working.

As I figure others might be interested in a combined package, I'm hoping
that someone might like to work with me to get this working, so we can
point Samba users at a complete build of the official release. 


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 

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