Moving from beta/test environment to production

Tadas retrry at
Tue Dec 18 02:03:58 MST 2012

I do not recommend moving to second server too. I did that in late beta or
early rc cycle and the process was pretty messed up. At one point I had to
manually search and unset fsmoRole attributes, 'cause somehow I managed to
get 8 instead of 5 needed. And after migration I had manually delete old
server's DNS records.

And yes my setup is working now (GPOs started to work with RC6) :)

P.S but my migration could be messed up 'cause I moved from ntvfs to s3fs
server and I moved my DNS server too.

Tadas Barzdžius

On 18 December 2012 10:39, Marc Muehlfeld <
Marc.Muehlfeld at> wrote:

> Am 18.12.2012 09:31, schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
>> I don't suggest trying to set up a second server, and transfer roles,
>> because that process has shown itself to be less reliable than just
>> upgrading in place.  It certainly should work, but I think in-place will
>> just be better for you.
> Since rc6 role transfering seems to work for all, except naming:
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> Marc
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