About new test cases for Durable handle version 2

Santanu Ghosh santanughosh4u at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 05:45:24 MST 2012

Thanks Stefan,

I was started adding testcase back on September on samba-4.0.0beta6 version.
At that point of time I found that samba had only some preliminary
framework for persistent handle tests.
But those didn't test any particulate persistent open/reopen scenario.
Hence I have added some particulate cases to test
persistent/open/reopen/defend scenario.

As you have mentioned I can see that now samba has tests cases related to
persistent open/reopen.
I need to go through all of these test cases and find if I have anything
extra other than already incorporated test cases.
What I feel that we still not have test cases where persistent open is done
with parent lease(directory leasing) key.

In case I have extra test cases other than currently added one I will get
back to you.

Thanks and regards,


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher
<metze at samba.org>wrote:

> smb2.durable-v2-open.open-oplock.open-oplock
> smb2.durable-v2-open.open-lease.open-lease
> smb2.durable-v2-open.reopen1.reopen1
> smb2.durable-v2-open.reopen2.reopen2
> smb2.durable-v2-open.persistent-open-oplock.persistent-open-oplock
> smb2.durable-v2-open.persistent-open-lease.persistent-open-lease

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