Samba4 - Account lock out / GPO

Kristian Rasmussen kristian_rasmussen at
Wed Dec 12 13:25:22 MST 2012

On 12.12.2012 21:04, Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> You can configure the account lockout policy settings in the following
> location within the Group Policy Object Editor:
>     Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Account Policies\Account
> Lockout Policy
> Unfortunately there's no "Account Policies" listed under Windows
> Settings in my Group Policy Management Editor (v, MMC 3.0, v6.1)
> For the Default Domain Policy, under Computer Configuration, I'm
> seeing "Policies" and "Preferences" as my options (not even mentioned
> in this article).  If I click Policies (seems right), I see Windows
> Settings, but there's no "Account Policies" listed under it.

It should be under "Security Settings" (Computer Configuration >
Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policies).

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