[PATCH] samba-tool processes: Make the output a bit nicer

Ricky Nance ricky.nance at weaubleau.k12.mo.us
Wed Dec 5 23:12:45 MST 2012

This patch makes samba-tool processes output like:

Service:    PID
dnsupdate          25964
nbt_server         25954
cldap_server       25958
winbind_server   25961
kdc_server         25959
samba                  0
dreplsrv           25960
kccsrv             25963

(it looks nicer in a terminal)

I also removed the newline if you use the --name or --pid option as print
already gives a newline, so IF someone were to write a script that uses
this it won't have the extra newline now.


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