[Release Planning 4.0] Samba 4.0.0 on Tuesday December 11?

Taylor, Jonn jonnt at taylortelephone.com
Tue Dec 4 14:17:00 MST 2012

The reason I am bring this up is say someone want to get rid of a M$ AD 
server, 2k or 2k3. They join their new S4 AD server to their existing 
domain, transfer the GPO's and demote the old one. Well as you see you 
now have duplicate DNS entries in the DNS server. Unless I missed something.

If this bug is going to be in the release then make sure it is added to 
the bug list.


On 12/04/2012 03:00 PM, Kai Blin wrote:
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> On 2012-12-05 01:48, Taylor, Jonn wrote:
> The 'supported' scenario for the 4.0 release, i.e. what bugs we
> consider blockers is for "single-DC AD" deployments. Of course most of
> the other features still work, and of course we're trying to get bugs
> fixed in multi-DC setups, but we've got to draw the line somewhere to
> get a release out.
> Hopefully we'll have a fix for that bug soon, but I don't consider it
> a blocker bug for the 4.0 release.
> Sorry for the inconvenience,
> Kai
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