subunit name challenges: Attempting to run tests for plugin_s4_dc

Michael Adam obnox at
Mon Apr 30 04:22:25 MDT 2012

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Also, python tests get a samba. name already.
> On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 14:33 +0200, Michael Adam wrote:
> > What would be a good systematic naming?
> > Is the "plugin_s4_dc" environent part of the pure source3 testsuite
> > at all? Or is it rather s/th that is part of the s4-testsuite?
> > 
> > Maybe we should move to a common top level and have
> > the top level and the source3 make test select an appropriate
> > list of tests and environments? Just brainstorming here, not
> > sure whether this is (easily) possible.
> It is this final suggestion that I'm aiming for.  I have already blurred
> the line between samba3 and samba4 tests, and I want to remove it
> entirely.  Earlier, I restored the behaviour of to ignore
> unknown environments, so we can (and do) declare tests in either
> without issue.
> I'm starting with the move of these particular tests as a place to
> start, and because they are most critical to getting s3fs tested.  Even
> moving these to a samba. prefix makes them more consistent with the
> ptyon, but naturally I hope to finish with as consistent set of overall
> test names as possible. 
> Once I sort this particular area out, I hope to merge this all into one
> (or multiple files, grouped around the type of test, rather
> than the original script heritage).  We would then use skip and
> knownfail rather than simply omitting to mention a test as the
> controlling elements.  If the team is OK with this, it would essentially
> change the s3 tests from the 'opt in' to 'opt out', and hopefully
> increase our test coverage. 

Yes, that seems reasonable! It would basically mean skipping a couple
of environments (the non-s3-envs) when running the source3-selftest.

The source3 "make test" can then still depend on the s3-autoconf
build and call into the common selftest framework with a
different set of paths and a filter on the tests listed by, possibly by skip patterns.

Cheers - Michael

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