Project Status Wiki?

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at
Thu Apr 26 13:48:21 MDT 2012


I would like the idea of such a kind of page too.

We are waiting so much for s4, because XP is the last OS which support (NT4) 
policies to preconfigure desktops. And group policy is part of s4. Fileshares, 
printing,... we could all do over s3 servers. So if I knew that the important 
things for me are done I could maybe have a s4 domain in production - what 
also allows me to give more realistic feedback that from my small testing 

And I'm sure many people search for "samba 4 roadmap" or ask when it's done. 
The samba4 roadmap page on the wiki only shows links from Volker and Tridge 
from 2005. :-(


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