subunit name challenges: Attempting to run tests for plugin_s4_dc

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Apr 25 23:46:23 MDT 2012


Attached is my proposed change to how we name tests in

Essentially, tests previously named:
samba3.raw.composite will be instead named samba.s3dc.raw.composite

This then allows (for example) samba.plugin_s4_dc.raw.composite to be
added, testing plugin_s4_dc.  

Part of the problem stems from this:

def plantestsuite_loadlist(name, env, cmdline):
    print "-- TEST-LOADLIST --"
    if env == "none":
        fullname = name
        fullname = "%s(%s)" % (name, env)
    print fullname
    print env
    if isinstance(cmdline, list):
        cmdline = " ".join(cmdline)
    support_list = ("$LISTOPT" in cmdline)
    print "%s $LOADLIST 2>&1 | %s" % (cmdline, add_prefix(name,

There, the testname is declared as samba3.raw.composite (s3dc)
but on the subunit stream, the output name ends up as
samba3.raw.composite .appendacl

Alternately, we could instead modify filter-subunit to have a --suffix
option, to append (s3dc) to the end of the individual tests, if you
would prefer that.  (I prefer the simple samba.env syntax, but I know
you have some strong views here).

We do need to come to some kind of resolution here, as there are a
number of tests that are being added that succeed in one environment,
but fail in another.  (And then I hope we can start working down that
list, but trying to fix everything at once will just stall s3fs

In particular, I particularly want to get raw.composite running against
both s3dc and plugin_s4_dc, as that will permanently validate the
changes I made for the winbindd 'timeout' issue.


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 
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