Samba4: Extension of schema to support apple mac's

Lukasz Zalewski lukas at
Wed Apr 25 12:41:46 MDT 2012

Hi list,
I have been trying to extend s4 schema to support apple mac's (using 
The ldif was created on Windows, using ADAM utility (as described in the 
instructions in
and imported using ldifde utility (after manually replacing DC=X with 
appropriate values):
ldifde /j . /k /i /f APPLE_10.7_EXTENSION_SCHEMA.ldf

I had some errors related to rdnAttId attributes (complaints about 
invalid value), but after replacing rdnAttId numeric value with 
cn the import was successful.

Before ldifde was run i have added
dsdb:schema update allowed = yes
to the smb.conf, and after the import was completed the above entry was 

I had a quick look at CN=Schema, CN=Configuration, DC=......
and 27 attributes and 6 classes from the import were there.

However when i try to create new object based on one of the classes 
(through ADSI) i get operation failed. Error Code 0x80005000. An Invalid 
directory pathname was passed.

I have imported the above ldif to AD (in one attempt as all of the 
errors were fixed) and did get the same error once, but after i run 
"update schema now" the error was no more and i could create the object 
of that class (i have tested it with apple-computer-list class)

Have i missed something along the line? If so could you point me in the 
right direction?

Many Thanks


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