Samba4 loading schema.ldif

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Apr 23 03:34:50 MDT 2012

Am 22.04.2012 11:20, schrieb Gémes Géza:
> Hi Mat,
>> So I have patches that allow samba to not trash its schema when trying
>> to load this schema, I have also patches that makes the loading of
>> this schema almost ok, I still have an issue with the loading in just
>> 1 step the solution is to use a ldap URL as the ldap protocol doesn't
>> have a notion of transaction.
>> I also think that X-NDS_CONTAINMENT should be implemented in
>> olschema2ldif (as possSuperior I guess).
>> The main problem for you is that this schema has a name collision with
>> existing classes (dhcpclass and dhcpoptions).
>> So of course you can just rename the classes in your ldif file but
>> then I guess that the DHCP server won't work as expected. Another
>> solution is to defunct the two blocking classes but for the moment
>> it's not completely working in Samba.
>> The patches are at:
>> They wait for a small review but you can try them it should be pretty
>> safe.
> I've seen, that your patches were merged in master, however trying to
> load the attached ldif (generated with patched oLschema2ldif with
> X-NDS_CONTAINMENT mods) still waxes the schema. Looking at the modified
> schema ldb it seems, that it still misses the oMObjectClass attributes.
> BTW I've overcome the name collision by applying the following ldif:
> dn: CN=DHCP-Class,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=kzsdabas,DC=hu
> changetype: modify
> replace: lDAPDisplayName
> lDAPDisplayName: msdHCPClass
> dn: CN=dhcp-Options,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=kzsdabas,DC=hu
> changetype: modify
> replace: lDAPDisplayName
> lDAPDisplayName: msdhcpOptions
> It probably makes MS DHCP Servers useless in the Domain, but I do not
> intend to have any MS servers anyway.

Does this LDIF work against a Windows server?

If we allow this in samba, we need to make sure that there are
no instances of this classes and attributes in the directory,
otherwise we'll get corruption.


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