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Gémes Géza geza at
Sun Apr 22 03:20:11 MDT 2012

Hi Mat,
> So I have patches that allow samba to not trash its schema when trying
> to load this schema, I have also patches that makes the loading of
> this schema almost ok, I still have an issue with the loading in just
> 1 step the solution is to use a ldap URL as the ldap protocol doesn't
> have a notion of transaction.
> I also think that X-NDS_CONTAINMENT should be implemented in
> olschema2ldif (as possSuperior I guess).
> The main problem for you is that this schema has a name collision with
> existing classes (dhcpclass and dhcpoptions).
> So of course you can just rename the classes in your ldif file but
> then I guess that the DHCP server won't work as expected. Another
> solution is to defunct the two blocking classes but for the moment
> it's not completely working in Samba.
> The patches are at:
> They wait for a small review but you can try them it should be pretty
> safe.
I've seen, that your patches were merged in master, however trying to
load the attached ldif (generated with patched oLschema2ldif with
X-NDS_CONTAINMENT mods) still waxes the schema. Looking at the modified
schema ldb it seems, that it still misses the oMObjectClass attributes.
BTW I've overcome the name collision by applying the following ldif:

dn: CN=DHCP-Class,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=kzsdabas,DC=hu
changetype: modify
replace: lDAPDisplayName
lDAPDisplayName: msdHCPClass

dn: CN=dhcp-Options,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=kzsdabas,DC=hu
changetype: modify
replace: lDAPDisplayName
lDAPDisplayName: msdhcpOptions

It probably makes MS DHCP Servers useless in the Domain, but I do not
intend to have any MS servers anyway.


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