samba4: bind error #define DLZ_DLOPEN_VERSION 1

steve steve at
Thu Apr 19 12:40:47 MDT 2012

On 19/04/12 12:36, Kev Latimer wrote:
> On 19/04/2012 10:32, steve wrote:
>> On 19/04/12 10:39, Kev Latimer wrote:
>>> On 19/04/2012 09:38, Kev Latimer wrote:
>>>> On 18/04/2012 16:04, Amitay Isaacs wrote:
> According to Amitay, it should build two files, for 9.8 
> and for 9.9; for us, it just seems to build a single 
> file,, which only works on 9.9...
> I used the same trick as you did to build a 9.8 module and I'm back up 
> and running.
> The only thing I can think of is that we upgraded our Samba's to reach 
> this problem, no fresh install.  Think I'll quickly build it on a 
> different machine and see if a new install makes a difference on the 
> modules it builds?
Hi Kev, hi everyone
The file that causes the trouble is:
Previously it only had the one option: that for 9.8. As it stands, it 
defaults to 9.9, which is why I asked if we were intended to move to the 
newer version. Maybe Amitay has a different new build??
Any clarification on this stuff?

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