Sysvol replication

Kev Latimer klatimer at
Thu Apr 19 05:07:48 MDT 2012

Just wondering what the current best practice is for sysvol replication 
across Samba4 DC's?

If there is no best practice, what do other people do to ensure sysvol 
is replicated properly across their samba DC's?

My first thought was a cron'ed rsync, but I'm not sure how that would 
deal with the xattr's when it made it to the other DC's and there is 
always the potential for it to be out of date should it be updated on 
multiple GPO's.

 From the other end of the spectrum, I thought about designating one DC 
(the first DC in the domain) to have the "master" sysvol and exporting 
it via. NFS but again, not sure how this would get along with xattr.

What does everyone else do?  I've done a little googling but the limited 
useful results I've found have generally been from a number of years ago 
and figure with the fast-moving target that is Samba4, it might be good 
to get an up-to-date set of ideas on this.


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