Questions (about Samba4 built-in LDAP capabilities) !

Alejandro aescanero at
Tue Apr 17 02:38:17 MDT 2012

Hi Matthias.
There are any doc about extending schemas and third party schemas?

In the Wiki the "Samba4/Schema extensions" link go to nothing.
The answer in the FAQ to this question isn't clear at all,


Note: I'm very interested in migrate the GOsa schemas to LDB to give
to GOsa/Fusiondirectory Samba4 support.

2012/4/17 Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer <mdw at>:
> Per default we are providing a subset of that what MS AD provides - VLV,
> dynamic lists and dynamic groups (as far as I know) do not make part of it.
> Eventually ANR could be a bit similar. "memberOf" however is supported on
> behalf of the same semantics as on Windows. The schema on s4 is extensible
> but updates have to be explicitly allowed (smb.conf setting) due to some
> stumbling blocks which have yet to be fixed.
> The semantics can be enhanced by writing additional LDB modules
> (lib/ldb/modules - generic - not only AD, source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules -
> only AD specific). We accept such contributions in our source tree as long
> as they meet a certain quality and there is any broader use.
> Matthias Wallnöfer
> oooo1 at schrieb:
>> I have read
>> there is written that server side sorting (server_sort) or SSS control are
>> added to Samba4 built-in LDAP (LDB) .Are there added virtual list view (VLV)
>> too, as memberof, dyynamiclists, dynamicgroups ?Will Samba4 LDAP support
>> OpenLDAP schemas such as for Exim, PureFTPd and others (delivered with all
>> this soft) ?

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