Questions (about Samba4 built-in LDAP capabilities) !

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Tue Apr 17 01:07:49 MDT 2012

Per default we are providing a subset of that what MS AD provides - VLV, 
dynamic lists and dynamic groups (as far as I know) do not make part of 
it. Eventually ANR could be a bit similar. "memberOf" however is 
supported on behalf of the same semantics as on Windows. The schema on 
s4 is extensible but updates have to be explicitly allowed (smb.conf 
setting) due to some stumbling blocks which have yet to be fixed.
The semantics can be enhanced by writing additional LDB modules 
(lib/ldb/modules - generic - not only AD, source4/dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules 
- only AD specific). We accept such contributions in our source tree as 
long as they meet a certain quality and there is any broader use.

Matthias Wallnöfer

oooo1 at schrieb:
> I have read
>, there is written that server side sorting (server_sort) or SSS control are added to Samba4 built-in LDAP (LDB) .Are there added virtual list view (VLV) too, as memberof, dyynamiclists, dynamicgroups ?Will Samba4 LDAP support OpenLDAP schemas such as for Exim, PureFTPd and others (delivered with all this soft) ?

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