[PATCH] make xattr_tdb available for s3fs (inc dbwrap changes)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Apr 16 06:36:21 MDT 2012

My s3fs branch has a series of patches which attempt to do the flip side
of common xattr-in-tdb handling for Samba 4.0.  My previous patches made
smbd able to read the posix:eadb database, and this patch makes it
possible for Samba4 to provision work use with smbd and the
vfs_xattr_tdb module.


To to this, I've made some small build and other changes to make dbwrap
(for tdb) callable from the common code without unreasonable
dependencies.  This paves the way for sharing more database-using code -
and an inspection shows that even calling dbwrap_ctdb appears realistic
if that is ever required. 

The other patches are to split out the database access from
vfs_xattr_tdb and to call it from python.  Additional patches for later
could include reading this from the ntvfs files server, but for the
moment the selection of s3fs at provision time chooses the xattr tdb
format.  Hopefully this will only ever be deployed in our test
environment, as real users will be using real filesystems with EA

Please let me know if you have any comments,

Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
Authentication Developer, Samba Team           http://samba.org

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