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Aaron E. ssureshot at
Wed Apr 11 11:21:20 MDT 2012

I had looked at this PDC and BDC setup but my understanding is that DNS 
isn't replicated or wasn't at the time to the bdc so I chose to use just 
the primary with backup scripts that replicate the ldb's and extract 
them to the backup servers..

If the replication for DNS is working I would be happy to revisit my 

On 04/11/2012 01:04 PM, Pavel Herrmann wrote:
> Hi
> On Wednesday 11 of April 2012 12:48:11 Aaron Endo wrote:
>> This is the top level build..
>> Here is my situation -- I'm running a cluster of 4 servers with samba4
>> running on 1 primary server.. If failure it will failover to 2 ect..
> AFAIK samba4 should not be used in failover clusters with heartbeat or similar
> clustering technology. instead, you should use AD multi-master operation, in
> which the servers are running in parallel, and clients choose one based on
> their distance (in this setup, clients would choose one at random).
> when one server fails the domain contines to operate normally, with the
> exception of FSMO roles (which can be held by only one server at a time, in
> case of complete failure they can be transferred forcibly, but in normal
> operation you need both the original and target node to cooperate in FSMO
> transfer).
> the most visible FSMO is PDC emulator, which does authoritative authentication
> (any auth rejected by non-PDC node is forwarded to PDC node before sending
> reject to client), password changes and time sync. other FSMOs are used only
> when adding objects (accounts, computers) to the domain
> cheers
> Pavel Herrmann

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