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Sun Apr 8 17:14:09 MDT 2012

Volker Lendecke wrote
> On Tue, Jun 09, 2009 at 11:05:37AM +0200, Torsten Kurbad wrote:
>> now that I'm able to compile Franky ;-), I'm just curious: What's the
>> current status of the project? Is it usable? Are there any hints on
>> configuration/provisioning/proper startup somewhere?
> It's not ready yet, but the plan at least I am following
> right now has technically changed a little: Right now I'm
> writing a pdb_ads module. The configuration of a samba3/4 DC
> would be pretty easy: You "just" set up a normal Samba3 DC,
> but instead of saying "passdb backend = ldapsam" you say
> "passdb backend = ads". You then provision your Samba4 DC
> and configure the "server services" parameter so that it
> only does (C)LDAP and Kerberos (I'm sure I forgot
> something), and you should be pretty much done.
> smbpasswd3 already seems to work fine for me, as do a lot of
> "net sam" subcommands. This is at least to me a lot of fun,
> and might be a quick intermediate step on our way to a full
> s4 based AD DC and a proper file/printserver on the same box :-)
> Feel free to join #samba-technical on and
> beat me about what does not yet work with pdb_ads!
> Volker
Has this been fixed yet?

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