Samba4 internal dns Failed DNS update

Kai Blin kai at
Thu Apr 5 03:04:12 MDT 2012

On 2012-04-05 10:48, steve wrote:

> No. dig and host are lost. Any connected clients have to be rebooted.
> This happens after s4 issues a dns update (The one it does periodically.
> The one where it does DNS and SPN updates every 10 mins or so).
> Afterwards, trying manual samba_dnsupdate does not finish. It just sits
> there. The only way we can get back up clients is to restart s4 and
> reboot them:-( The rest of the server works OK. We are able to restart
> s4 fine. This also is the case after a total cold start. The first few
> DNS updates work OK.

Ok, interesting. So simply restarting Samba doesn't help, you need to
restart all the clients as well?

Also, are you trying to do signed updates with nsupdate? There might
still be a bug in the error handling at some point with TKEY requests.

Do you have "nsupdate command = nsupdate" in your smb.conf?

Also, I need the debug output from the DNS server to diagnose anything


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