VFS module testing, or running smbtorture4 tests under a specified server directory

Andrew Klaassen clawsoon at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 11:34:40 MDT 2012

I was thinking it'd be useful for me to be able to have the smbtorture4 tests do their thing underneath the "special" Avid directories that the media_harmony VFS module defines.  That would give me at least some testing of the non-default code paths in which the module does interesting things.

I took a quick look at the torture code this morning, and it looks like that would mean changing a large number of hard-coded paths, or (better) adding an option that pipes a prefix into all the various hard-coded paths.  Being lazy, that strikes me as a large, difficult job.

So I was wondering...

 - Does anybody know of a quick, easy workaround that I'm missing?

 - How do other people test their VFS modules?  (Or don't they?)



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