CIFS kernel module bug

J.P. King jpk28 at
Fri Sep 30 18:34:44 MDT 2011

Anton will be asleep, so I'll attempt to answer this one.

> What server code is the OES CIFS server running ? I thought Novell CIFS
> services were all Samba based.

We have been told by the people upstairs who run the server that it isn't. 
I have a recollection that it may be a forked version of the samba code, 
but don't rely on my recollections.

Either way it is sitting on top of NSS, a Novell filesystem, which is 
significantly different to "normal" Linux filesystem.  I don't know that
this is the issue, but it is a difference which may affect things 
regardless of the fileserver code.

> Jeremy.

Julian King
Computer Officer, University of Cambridge, Unix Support

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