smbclient list servers and wintest?

Sean Dague sdague at
Fri Sep 30 09:25:41 MDT 2011

I've been recently trying to get the wintest/ script to 
run to test windows clients against Samba 4 out of the main tree. 
Starting off with just trying to get the windows 7 scenario working.

smbclient in the samba 4 branch prints out the following warning:

"REWRITE: list servers not implemented"

Which based on my limited understanding of wintest, seems really 
problematic, as that's one of the primary verification approaches in the 
script. By commenting out the first smbclient check I was able to 
correctly bring up Windows 7 by remote, telnet in, and have it join the 
domain, only to have the test fail trying to verify that with smbclient.

I'm a reading this correctly? And if so, should I just punt until list 
servers is added back? Or is this a red herring, and there still is 
something else wrong in my testing environment.

Comments appreciated, especially from anyone that's gotten this running 


Sean Dague
IBM Linux Technology Center
email: sldague at
alt-email: sdague at

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