Samba VFS: Is it really a Virtual File System API?

Sergio Conde Gómez sconde at
Fri Sep 30 07:21:58 MDT 2011


I were searching a way for sharing through samba an online disk space 
from a provider that gives an https based API without mounting or 
syncing the files on the computer that runs the samba server.

I have discovered Samba VFS but the developer documentation is old, its 
dated 2003, and I don't know if Samba VFS works as an API for creating 
Virtual File Systems and sharing them or only for extending capabilities 
of existing file systems.

If Samba VFS is not the way but that can be done with Samba, can anyone 
send me in the right direction? (I don't care if I have to develop a 
module for samba if there is an API).

Thanks in advance,
Sergio Conde.

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