[RFC] Switch on tdb2 API by default?

Kai Blin kai at samba.org
Thu Sep 29 08:52:48 MDT 2011

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On 2011-09-29 02:40, Dan Shearer wrote:

It gets a bit more complicated than that, though.

> The Python team says "Python runs everywhere". That's their goal. So it
> makes sense to me to push autoconf maintenance on weird/horrible
> platforms off to the Python team.

The Python team did end-of-life python2, though, and Samba doesn't work
with python3. This causes all sorts of pain on ArchLinux already, where
they are bleeding edge enough to make "python" point to python3 and
break our build system.

Also, to the point of "Python runs everywhere", Python is a pain to
cross-compile, and it's a pain to get working on less common C
libraries. Bionic comes to mind. I know there's a Python out there for
Android somewhere, but last I tried it wasn't trivial to compile python
for that platform. Seeing how there's a Samba3 build for Android and no
Samba4 build so far, maybe there is a difference.

> Python 3.2.2 is 60M of source.

And won't work for us to build Samba. :)

> If the only cost to including pristing
> Python source was compilation time, would that be acceptable? I can't
> recall Python requiring anything other than standard tools on Solaris,
> HP-UX and (most likely) AIX. The good thing about these platforms is
> that they don't change much. And we don't even have to build a Python
> with all features enabled.

Volker may argue about the high-end big iron, I'm more concerned about
the low end embedded systems. For those you could probably compile
Python natively and it'd work, but usually you'd want to cross-compile
software for it. I haven't been able to cross-compile Python when I
tried to do so.

Note that as build systems go I tend to prefer waf to autoconf because I
know Python much better than m4. But I do get Volker's point that it's
not as portable as the autoconf build system.


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