[RFC] Switch on tdb2 API by default?

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Sep 28 12:12:56 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 10:38 +0930, Rusty Russell wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> >    The TDB2 code (ie. --enable-tdb2) runs in TDB1 mode by default now
> > (there's a tdb_compat shim which inserts the TDB_VERSION1 flag unless
> > the env var TDB_COMPAT_USE_TDB2 is set).
> > 
> >    So I'd like to make --enable-tdb2 the default now.  That way we can
> > test the tdb2 API, and have a run-time flag to enable the tdb2 on-disk
> > format for the brave.
> > 
> >    This lets us get rid of some compat cruft; for example, tdb2 handles
> > multiple opens internally, so the various db_wrap codes wouldn't have
> > to.  We can also add a tdb2 alloc attribute to (finally!) make tdb2 use
> > talloc() for SAMBA.
> > 
> > I'm particularly interested in regressions if we turn this on.  For
> > example, tdb2 functions return the negative error code, not -1: I think
> > I got all the callers, but new ones may appear.
> This seems like a very good idea.  We should turn it on in the waf
> builds, if there are issues turning on this additional feature in the
> autoconf builds then this can be handled by those maintaining that build
> system.
> As this is an additional feature (and a very desirable one) I see no
> reason it cannot be dealt with in just waf for now, as that is what you
> have working and tested.

All you have said is perfectly ok for master.
But when talking about the released source3 code, then we need to
to put into autoconf. So if someone wants to add something to
be released in the fileserver release, he/she should make sure it
gets added to the autoconf build. If there are problems in doing
that, I guess he/she should ask people more comfortable with
autoconf for assistance (not necessarily asking for someone else
to do it...).
(Similarly, the waf/python thingy is a complete obscure mistery to
me, so I usually need to ask someone for help, when I want to add
something to it.)

Cheers - Michael

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