Bug 8132

Arvid Requate requate at univention.de
Tue Sep 27 11:08:02 MDT 2011


further investigation shows that apparently XP and Win7 clients only show the 
location and comment attributes of a printer share if a correct drivername is 
configured for the share as well. E.g. running the following command before 
connecting to the printer share from an XP client causes the client to display 
the location and comment fields correctly that samba pulled from CUPS:

  rpcclient localhost -c 'setdriver testprinter1 "HP LaserJet 6MP"'

On a side note, this change in client behaviour does not seem to be related to 
the entry generated in ntprinters.tdb. This can be seen by running the 
rpcclient 'setprinter' command instead, which also causes samba to write an 
entry to ntprinters.tdb, showing location etc., but it doesn't cause any 
change in client behaviour - unless 'setdriver' is run as well.


Quoting post by Arvid Requate sent 27.09.2011
> Hello,
> in a Samba 3.5.11 domain we discovered that the 'location' and 'comment'
> attributes of printers imported from the CUPS backend do not show up
> correctly in the printer share definitions when connecting to them from
> Windows XPSP3 hosts joined to the Samba domain (with "security=domain").
> The release notes of Samba 3.5.9 suggest that a related issue has been
> fixed as bug 8132.
> The server side output of the command 'rpcclient localhost -c "enumprinters
> 2"' shows the correct value in the "location:" attribute of the printers,
> but on the Windows XP clients it appears to be empty.
> The only clue I found until now is that it is possible to make the
> "location" field appear correctly by connecting to the printer share from
> a Windows XP client and modifying e.g. the "comment" field manually from
> that client. This client initiated modification seems to fix the printer
> share definition: IF I connect to that printer share again (e.g. from a
> second Windows XP client) after this step, the "location" shows up
> correctly as imported from the CUPS- backend. This is behaviour sounds
> pretty similar to the bug report 8132.
> From samba debug logs I could not find any hint to the source of the
> problem, maybe someone can provide a hint what steps to take to debug it?
> Cheers,
> Arvid
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