samba4 dns related question

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Mon Sep 26 16:28:51 MDT 2011

My first domain controller on my domain was a windows 2003 machine
with DNS. Recently I added my samba4_test18(a week ago) to my domain.
I setup the windows DNS server to allow my linuxdc to zonetransfer and
setup bind to be a slave for that domain. Everthing works as it should
however ...

I want to be cleaver and was hoping that someone may know how to set
it up so that I can have local machines be used as domain controllers
for local machines
I was thinking all I would need to do was to have the DNS for the A
record of the domain name only respond with the local machines. Not
being a 100% is this correct?
Is there a way to setup bind to do a mostly zone transfer but only
leave a couple DNS entries for the domain name?

How it is now
my ip is
domain controllers are,,,

nslookup mydomain.local
Server: DC1

Name: mydomain.local

Id like it that if I query one of the other linux dc's that I could
get something like so
nslookup mydomain.local
Server: LinuxDC02

Name: mydomain.local

and the ones in the other offices to display the ones closer to them
so that if it doesn't need to go to the main office it doesn't.

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