Windows 8 can join to Samba3 domain?

Zombie Ryushu zombie_ryushu at
Fri Sep 23 10:59:22 MDT 2011

I see no reason Windows 8 couldn't support Samba 3.6 to the exclusion of 
NT Domains. They made modifications to enhance Samba 3.4, and 3.5's 
technology to a level NT4 could never manage. Samba 3.5 domains are NT 
Domains in name only. They have achieved a level of functionality NT 
Domains never could. Windows 7 can't join a real NT Domain. It can join 
a Samba 3 domain.
> To that end, have W8 run checks to see that a Samba 3 domain really is 
> a Samba 3 domain at a certain functional level. just like W7 does.

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