Upgrade from S3 to a Samba4 DC

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 21:21:42 MDT 2011

I've been out of the samba4 loop for some time, so please forgive my

I'm running the latest git build of samba4 on an updated Fedora14 box, and I
haven't figured out where to get the upgrade_from_s3 script.  It's not in my
source4/setup directory.  Is it possible I'm missing some support packages
so that it's not getting built?

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 3:13 AM, Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> wrote:

> I wanted to update the list on the progress on creating a smooth upgrade
> path for users of the Samba3 DC functionality to Samba4's AD server.
> Amitay and I have worked from the basis of Jelmer's python libraries and
> upgrade_from_s3 script, and have extended that script to take advantage
> of the new passdb and loadparm wrappers.
> We already demonstrate an upgrade of an S3 member server and DC in the
> testsuite, and I'll shortly add and do real-world tests of S3 domains
> being upgraded to Samba4.
> So far, the upgrade is only of users, but groups will follow very
> shortly.  We can upgrade any passdb backend (because we call the C API),
> which provides a possible upgrade path for users of the externally
> maintained passdb backends that was not possible before.  Passwords and
> SIDs are migrated, as are most other passdb attributes.
> This passdb-centric approach also means we may not need the
> myldap-pub.py script, or we can have it's features integrated, possibly
> to handle only the parts not exposed to the passdb API.
> There is plenty more to do, but I hope this shows a clear direction for
> this important part of a Samba 4.0 release.
> Andrew Bartlett
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