VFS Modules using the old pstrcpy functions

Matt Daubney m.daubney at gblabs.co.uk
Tue Sep 20 15:17:27 MDT 2011

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Subject: Re: VFS Modules using the old pstrcpy functions

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 02:02:56PM +0100, Matthew Daubney wrote:
  > Hello,
  > I'm trying to rewrite an old VFS module, but have hit some issues to do
  > with the loss of pstrings. I've solved 90% of them, but have now got to
  > the problem where there are some pstrcpy functions being called.
  > Based on the log error of "undefined symbol: pstrcpy" I assume these
  > functions disappeared with pstrings. 
  > Is there a recommended way of doing this now, or is it just a case of
  > allocating the memory and copying the string myself?
  > Thanks for any guidance on this issue.
  You'll have to remove all pstring functions yourself. Work out
  what they were trying to do and use the talloc_strXXX functions
  Sorry for the trouble, but we really needed to get rid of all
  hard coded path size functions.
 It's no trouble (well, a little, but the reasons for getting rid of them are good), it was just a case of finding out what the recommended way of doing this is now.

I'll have a dig around for some documentation on the talloc_strXXX functions.

Thanks for the reply :)

-Matt Daubney  

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