A patch to move FSCTL handling into the VFS

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 12:58:04 MDT 2011


Attached is a first patch for moving the handling of FSCTLs into the
vfs. It is a git format-patch style patch.

After some review and testing I will redo the patch and attach it to
the bug I will create in bugzilla for this enhancement.

The main areas of concern I have are:

1. I had to explicitly pass the request flags (req->flags2) into the
VFS routine because some existing code needed them. Is there a better
way to do this. It would be nice if we had a request context laying
around somewhere.

2. Is the handling of talloc correct. Ie, will these allocations get
cleaned up when the request completes. I used
talloc_size(talloc_tos(), ...) mostly.

3. Coding style.

Richard Sharpe
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