Samba4 & MS Exchange

Thys Nel thys.nel.5 at
Fri Sep 16 06:33:43 MDT 2011

We currently use Samba3 on one domain and MS Exchange for email on a
separate domain. I'm looking at Samba4, with the main goal of using Samba4
as the main DC whilst still using Exchange for email, with the exchange
server a member of the S4 domain.

I've built S4 from the git sources and looked at upgrading our current S3
LDAP based database to S4. Everything seems to work as advertised. For
testing I used a standalone Win2003 machine, joined it to the test S4 domain
(no problems).

However, when I try and install Exchange 2003 it complains that it can't do
the Forestprep. If fails with a "you do not have permission to update the
active directory schema" message.

Is it supposed to work? If so, what debug info can I provide to assist in
this? If it is not supposed to work, is there another approach which is
recommended? The end result I'm aiming at is having the S4 machine as the
PDC with the Win2003 Exchange server just a member server.

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