Samba4 experiences

Dirk Gouders gouders at
Thu Sep 15 10:13:04 MDT 2011

Dirk Gouders <gouders at> writes:

> * winbind behaves a bit strange on the 3.6 side.  Only the group name is
>   not shown correctly, maybe due to a misconfiguration:
>   $ id dgouders
>   uid=1632(FB5+dgouders) gid=1013(TANGO+none) groups=1013(TANGO+none)
>   I already sent a message to samba@ and maybe this problem will be
>   solved, soon.

After I added the user to another group with simo's help, two new groups
are showing up on the samba 3.6 side with the correct name (meanwhile I
enabled 'winbind use default domain', so the FB5+ part has gone):

$ id dgouders
uid=1632(dgouders) gid=1013(TANGO+none) groups=1013(TANGO+none),1012(domain admins),1072(denied rodc password replication group)

Could it be that there is some information left in a local tdb file that
causes this?


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