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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Sep 7 07:28:16 MDT 2011

Am 07.09.2011 15:12, schrieb simo:
> On Wed, 2011-09-07 at 09:41 +1000, tridge at wrote:
>> Hi Simo,
>>  > It's not ok for me.
>>  > 
>>  > I need a few samba4 libs already and I need to use MIT.
>> Can you clarify what you mean here? Are you currently using the s3-waf
>> build to build MIT-linked libraries?
>> If what you are saying is that you'd like s4 to build with MIT
>> kerberos then I think that is a quite separate question from what
>> Andrew is asking about. 
>>  > So I need to build as mush as I can of the code without having to use
>>  > the embedded KDC or heimdal libraries.
>> That really comes in two parts. If you don't want to use the embedded
>> KDC, then just don't start it (ie. use "server services -= kdc") or
>> just don't start Samba as a domain controller.
> That's what I've done with my MIT-KDC glue, that's not an issue.
>> If you want to build it with MIT kerberos libraries then someone needs
>> to put in the time to get all of the current kerberos code to work
>> without Heimdal.
> Yes, and I will have to. But I mostly care for client libraries and in
> general non-AD-DC cases.
>>  Quite a bit of effort has been put into that in the
>> past, but it hasn't been achieved, and the biggest part of it won't be
>> the initial work to make it build/link, the biggest part will be the
>> ongoing maintainence effort to ensure it stays working as we discover
>> new idiosyncrasies in AD that need kerberos changes. We quite commonly
>> need to make changes to the underlying kerberos implementation in
>> order to correctly interoperate with Windows. We can't have the
>> situation where we need to wait for MIT to release a bugfix before we
>> can fix interoperability problems with Windows.
> I am ok if you keep using Heimdal for that, of course it would be nice
> to have this knowledge of each major Heimdal chnges in some central
> README file so that someone that needs to do the same can see what were
> the needed changes. It's all obscure right now as nobody documented the
> changes that were needed. That information is all buried within tons of
> other commits and often very hard to find out.

We have an extra repository where we maintain the patches on top
of the heimdal master tree.;a=summary

From time to time we import a new snapshot, which will overwrite
source4/heimdal/ completely.

Andrew please push your change to the lorikeet-heimdal master branch,
so that it doesn't get reverted by the next import.


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