Vaclav Klecanda vencax77 at
Tue Sep 6 06:59:56 MDT 2011

I am trying to run:

git pull .... samba9-2011 & cd samba9-2011 & ./configure & make ...

server:/home/v/samba9-2011# ./source4/setup/provision --targetdir
/home/v/pokusySHledanimVSambe/ --interactive
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./source4/setup/provision", line 33, in <module>
    import samba
  File "/home/v/samba4src/source4/scripting/python/samba/", line
45, in <module>
    from samba._ldb import Ldb as _Ldb
ImportError: No module named _ldb

The parameters are guessed from actual script where brief description is
provided in help parameter of each option.


2011/9/6 Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at>

> On Tue 06 Sep 2011 01:33:22 PM CEST, Vaclav Klecanda wrote:
>> Yes but this is the outdated web in my opinion.
> You were asking for the wiki page with the documentation - this is it. How
> is it outdated?
>  E.g. the
>> I would like to setup a
>> new domain with provision but it says me ImportError: No module named
>> ldb.
> Did you install Samba 4 according to the HOWTO?What are you running exactly
> that gives this error?
>  When I grep the sources for ldb* I got some *.so lib but no
>> python code.
> The ldb python module is written in C - the file is the right one.
> However, you shouldn't have to provide a PYTHONPATH - Samba's binaries
> should be doing that for you.
>  It confuses me and I lack the step by step HOWTO updated.
>> I also lack some kind of system in python code in samba. I supposed
>> all the packages will be in the same subtree to be able to point with
>> PYTHONPATH to. The tools that I used when I provisioned my domain some
>> time ago no longer exists. It seems to me that there is no support to
>> the users that already use some version of samba4 than this list.
>> I think its more effective to spend some time with a wiki page that
>> describe a particular tool and its usage than answer 100 question
>> about it.
> Samba 4's UI is still changing, so the tools that you used previously may
> indeed have changed now or have a new name. I don't see how a description of
> a particular tool would have helped here, what's the tool you're trying to
> use?
> Cheers,
> Jelmer
>> 2011/9/6 Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at <mailto:jelmer at>>
>> On 09/06/2011 12:52 PM, Vaclav Klecanda wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there any collaborative tool like wiki to gradually build
>> documentation
>> for samba 4? It seems to me that every knowledge is in
>> outdated webpage and
>> in this list archives.
>> Yep, see the Samba wiki:
>> Cheers,
>> Jelmer

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