hardcoded port 445

Oskar Liljeblad oskar at osk.mine.nu
Mon Oct 31 13:41:25 MDT 2011


I will be using Samba4 to operate in client mode.  The tunneling is simple,
set up with ssh.  E.g.:

ssh -L 10000: remotehost

My application will then connect to to manage the services
(MSRPC svcctl) on Windows host The reason I can't do

ssh -L 445:

are many: Samba may already be running on the local host, the user may not
have permissions to listen on 445, and so on.

I hope that is clear enough, please let me know otherwise!


Oskar Liljeblad

On Monday, October 31, 2011 at 14:06, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> By default, the NetBIOS over TCP (NBT) transport protocol (defined in
> RFC1001/1002) uses port 139.  "Naked" TCP Transport (SMB over TCP without
> the NBT layer) uses port 445.  One easy way to determine whether or not the
> NBT layer is in use is to take a look at the port that is being used.
> Oskar:
> Are you using Samba as a server or are you using the libsmbclient library to
> operate in client mode?
> "NetBIOS" is an API, not a protocol.  "CIFS" is a generic term used in
> different ways in different contexts.  For example, the official Microsoft
> protocol specification for the SMB protocol as implemented in Windows NT
> (3.51 & 4) is known as [MS-CIFS].  What you want to be discussing here is
> NBT transport vs. Naked (or "Direct Hosted") TCP.
> > My application will connect to a >=1024, only that it is forwarded
> > to port 445 on a remote machine. So it will talk MSRPC, only on
> > a different port than 445.
> At some point, the packets will be be traveling to/from port 445 or port 139
> (the latter, only if you use NBT transport).  It is not clear from your
> messages how the tunneling is intended to work.

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