Confused [Was: Upgrade from S3 to a Samba4 DC [with LDAPSAM]]

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Mon Oct 31 11:58:48 MDT 2011

So I have an S4 instance I've built from an upgrade of a Samba 3  
LDAPSAM domain.

I took an XP workstation off the production network, created the  
Samba4 instance, brought it up on its own network and connected the XP  
workstation.  Attempting to login on the XP workstation and it says  
"domain unavailable".  Hrmm....

I can get tickets as an 'upgraded' domain user.
   kinit adam at MICORE.US

DNS is working.
   host -t SRV
   host -t SRV
   host -t A

But -
Ignoring unknown parameter "server role"
SID for domain BARBEL is: S-1-5-21-2037442776-3290224752-88127236
barbel:~ # net getdomainsid
Ignoring unknown parameter "server role"
SID for local machine BARBEL is: S-1-5-21-2037442776-3290224752-88127236
Could not fetch domain SID
... should the domain SID be fetchable?  Is the upgraded domain  
somehow disabled?

That is the same SID as the S3 DC.

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