hardcoded port 445

Oskar Liljeblad oskar at osk.mine.nu
Sun Oct 30 01:24:42 MDT 2011


I am writing a small application doing MSRPC using Samba4. It relies on
forwarded ports, it will for instance connect to which is
forwarded to 445 on some remote machine.  So I looked at the Samba code and
noticed two places where 445 is hardcoded:


bool smbcli_transport_connect(struct smbcli_transport *transport,
                              struct nbt_name *calling,
                              struct nbt_name *called)
        struct smbcli_request *req;
        NTSTATUS status;

        if (transport->socket->port == 445) {
                return true;

        req = smbcli_transport_connect_send(transport,
                                            calling, called);
        status = smbcli_transport_connect_recv(req);
        return NT_STATUS_IS_OK(status);


static NTSTATUS connect_socket(struct composite_context *c,
                               struct smb_composite_connect *io)
        /* we have a connected socket - next step is a session
           request, if needed. Port 445 doesn't need it, so it goes
           straight to the negprot */
        if (state->sock->port == 445) {
                status = nbt_name_dup(state->transport, &called,
                return connect_send_negprot(c, io);

        state->req = smbcli_transport_connect_send(state->transport, &calling, &called);

        state->req->async.fn = request_handler;
        state->req->async.private_data = c;
        state->stage = CONNECT_SESSION_REQUEST;

        return NT_STATUS_OK;

My application will not be connecting to 445 so will this cause
incompatibility?  If so I see only one solution: Always keep track of what
type of port is specified, NetBIOS or CIFS.  That would be needed in many
places, libcli (struct smbcli_socket), lib/socket/connect_multi.c etc,
and many functions would need to be modified.

Any suggestions how to go about here?


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar at osk.mine.nu)

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