[REVIEW] Some patches for master - including remove libbigballofmud

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Oct 28 00:34:52 MDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

> You mentioned on IRC that you wanted to squash these, but change the
> prefix to samba_modules.  I normally would not care about particular
> prefixes, but samba_modules (plural) seems quite wrong to me - it would
> make the init function in each module be 'samba_modules_init'.  If you
> want consistency, then samba_module.h and samba-module would be my
> preference, and I've included a patch to do that in my branch.

Good, but I see internal_modules.h as still 's'.

> As I mentioned before squashing this into a 'I got it perfect the first
> time' set of patches is harder than it looks, and if the final form is
> OK, I would rather work with brad to ensure this is OK for OpenChange,
> and see this get into the tree.

I don't see where the problem would be do 'git format-patch --stdout > file'
some string replacements in file and then git am again. Or just redo
the patches, that would be much faster than fighting with git rebase and
for hours and hope that no manual conflict resolving is needed (and even
that shouldn't
take very long :-)

Yes, we should try to get OpenChange fixed soon...
So I'm not blocking you to push it once the internal_modules.h is renamed.

> I've also updated the patches series with some work I've done to get the
> t_strappend test testing again, and removing libbigballofmud.so (now
> unused) from the autconf build. 

Good, thanks.


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