mount.cifs on Win2k8 DFS servers

Gerlando Falauto gerlando.falauto at
Tue Oct 18 03:18:20 MDT 2011

On 10/17/2011 07:11 PM, sean finney wrote:
> I don't think smbclient's behavior is correct either though.  It's
> a ways back now, but at the time I compared the existing behavior of
> smbclient, a couple different windows clients, and cifs.ko, and none
> were really consistant with the other.

I didn't dive deep enough into this, but my XP client didn't even try 
connecting, it would just go straight to getting a DFS referral, and 
that seemed consistent with smbclient. How it made that decision, 
though, I really don't know.

 > The reference doc was not entirely specific either IIRC.

I would be surprised if it were consistent, let alone specific... :-)

> But based on what the module was already doing, it seemed "right enough"
> anyway, and with cleanup/refactoring was kept pretty clean in case
> someone wants to improve on it in the future :)

I see. Won't ask any more questions. Thanks for fixing it! :-)

>> 2) Shouldn't this/these patch/es also make it into earlier kernels
>> as it is a (not-so-negligible) bugfix?
> I don't think it's super trivial to backport it before 2.6.38, at least
> without massaging the patches and cherry picking a few more commits that
> cross paths and/or touch the relevant api's.  But there've been enough
> other bugfixes in the cifs code that for our needs we just upgraded to
> a backported 2.6.38 kernel and dumped the pre-3.0 cifs commit history
> on top of it (we didn't go all the way to 3.0 for entirely uninteresting
> reasons, you should just do that if you have the ability).

It merged easily into my, and that'll do for now. :-)


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