Samba4 at remote sites.

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Mon Oct 17 16:03:32 MDT 2011

I'm getting a lot of errors in the logs from moving my samba domain
controllers to their remote sites.

In sites and services from my windows 2003 DC
I created sites for each of my locations and subnets for each.
I made sure I associated the correct site with each subnet.
I then had my servers physically moved to their locations after
altering their ip's to fit their locations subnets.
I then cleaned up dns of the old ip's and let it create the new ones
when they came up.
At this point I started having replication issues.

I tried creating an IP Inter-site transport between the main site and
my remote sites
associating a cost of 430 with my remote sites as per recommended by
given that my remote sites only have approximately 250K upload
I then removed the remote sites form the DEFAULTIPSITELINK (not sure
if I was suppose to)

It appears to be having problems still. Does anyone else use samba4
DC's in multiple sites?

What commands can I run to help troubleshoot these issues from my
windows 2003 DC
What commands can I run from my linux DC's to help troubleshoot the
replication issues.

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