Samba4 Domain Trusts -- Outlook?

Charles Tryon charles.tryon at
Sun Oct 16 18:14:33 MDT 2011

I've seen it mentioned here that Samba4 does NOT (YET) support setting up
domain trusts with other AD domains, but that this is something that is very
high on the list of things to work on.

Is there any kind of outlook on when this functionality might find it's way
into Samba4?  I'm asking because I'm trying to convince my boss to let us
set up Samba4 to support our domain here, but her concern is that, as a
larger organization, we're going to have to be able to establish trust
relationships with other AD servers already in the organization.  (Our
centrally managed Exchange server is a big one!)  I'm looking for what I can
honestly tell her about whether or not that capability will be supported
"some time soon."  (I'm not afraid of going out on a limb, but I'd at least
like to know how far out I can go...)

    Charles Tryon
      "It's the job that's never started that takes longest to finish."
                                 -- Samwise Gamgee

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