Samba sometimes does not dump core on a SIGSEGV etc

Christian M Ambach christian.ambach at
Fri Oct 14 06:32:42 MDT 2011

Hi Richard,

Richard wrote on 10/14/2011 12:00:18 PM:

> > Should the Samba SIGSEGV handler return to root before trying to dump 
> Hmmm, is it possible that something like this in the signal handler
> might solve this problem:
> +#ifdef __linux__
> +  /* inform kernel that process is dumpable */
> +  prctl(PR_SET_DUMPABLE,1,0,0,0);
> +#endif /* __linux__ */

Rusty had moved prctl calls in commit dc19278 to another spot about a year 
to re-enable dumping cores on Linux and since then, I was able to find
core files for segfaults on my boxes.

So in principle, it should work.


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