winbind + ad + ssh + aix 6.1 working for anyone?

sean finney seanius at
Fri Oct 14 03:42:13 MDT 2011

in the meantime, going back to the topic of the thread, I've had
better success now, so I'll follow up with some details on
that for anyone who finds their way here via a future google
search :)

It seems in addition to the /usr/lib/security stuff and the
/etc/security/users stuff, I also had to do the following:

  * put "UseLogin yes" in sshd_config
  * run put "winbind normalize groups = Yes" in smb.conf (to fix 
    groups with whitespace)
  * set maximum username length with "chdev -l sys0 -a max_logname=255"
  * reboot

And now it seems to work with the 3.5.x binaries from pware.


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